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Lawyer’s Hourly Rate Calculator

You have just hung out your shingle, but you do not know what amount to charge clients for your hourly rate.  What do you do?  There is a lot of advice out there.  One solution might be to ask around and find out what the market rate is for legal services in your area, with […]

Twitter By Numbers

Bloggers and tech gurus all across the blogosphere are writing articles about Twitter, marking its 5-year anniversary.  These articles range from singing Twitter’s praises to, well, flipping it the bird.  If you are a number cruncher, however, then check out these Twitter stats brought to you by @BrianSolis, a leading site offering advice on new […]

Are We Entering A “Post-PC Era?”

  Last week, Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad2, pictured below.  If you saw the presentation by Jobs, you may have found one singular point remarkable – Jobs’ continued use of the term “post-PC.”  Why is this remarkable?  There truly are only a small handful of individuals who have shaped the landscape of our personal […]

Can Corel Make A Law Office Comeback With WordPerfect X5?

As many of you may know, one of the most important legal technology events of the year, LegalTech, is currently taking place in New York.  Sponsored by some of the biggest names in the ever-growing field, LegalTech showcases everything that is cutting edge in law and technology. Among this year’s numerous presenters and exhibitions is […]

Will Phones Project 3d Holographic Images In Just 5 Years?

The answer may be, well, duh…IBM conducted a survey of 3,000 researchers to name five ideas that may become reality by 2015.  3D holographic images emanating from cell phones topped the list. Amazingly, the technology is already far more advanced than the comparatively old-fashioned looking hologram from the famous “Star Wars” scene pictured above.  In […]

Age No Longer Determining Factor In Internet Usage, Pew Research Finds

For some time, many researchers have assumed (with some statistical support) that a person’s age represented the most important factor in whether he or she used the Internet.  According to a new report from Pew Internet and American Life – the 2010 Generations Report – age as a determining factor seems to be losing significance.  […]

Law Schools Continue To Embrace Tech To Attract Students

Perhaps even more than other academies, the legal academy is notoriously slow to make changes to its pedagogy.  As an example, law students all across America today are taught how to “think like lawyers” according to the nearly-deified “casebook method,” first proposed by Christopher Columbus Langdell in 1871.  Aside from the introduction of law school […]