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Lawyer Disbarred For Unethical Use Of Social Media

Louisiana lawyer gets disbarred for unethical use of social media to influence judges


Pew Research: Growing Social Media Role In U.S. Politics

Mirroring our use of the Internet in general, American adults increasingly use social media for some type of political expression or activism. Mobile devices as civics “hotspots,” if you will, also seem to be on the rise.

Jurors Who Tweet! Beware!

Jurors who tweet during service in California may now be jailed under a new law that went into effect 1/1/2012

Twitter By Numbers

Bloggers and tech gurus all across the blogosphere are writing articles about Twitter, marking its 5-year anniversary.  These articles range from singing Twitter’s praises to, well, flipping it the bird.  If you are a number cruncher, however, then check out these Twitter stats brought to you by @BrianSolis, a leading site offering advice on new […]

Internet Users More Social, Civic-Minded

According to recently-released research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the stereotype of the Internet user as being socially challenged – if not downright anti-social – is becoming much less accurate. According to the Pew research, 75% of all American adults participate in some group activity.  However, among Internet users, 80% are active […]

Don’t Like Marketing At The Cocktail Party Circuit? There Are Other Options

I hate trolling the cocktail party circuit as a form of marketing, and frankly, tend to view those who honestly enjoy such events with a little bit of suspicion.  To me, that circuit is a contrived and often shallow form of marketing oneself.  If you have a similar opinion, don’t despair because there are many […]

Still Mystified By Social Media? Not Sure How It Can Help Your Law Practice? Here’s A Quick Visual Explanation

I apologize for the poor quality of the post image.  I opened it up in a couple of different picture viewers, Picasa and Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and it is readable when opened.  I would recommend downloading it and then opening it, or go to the following link and grab the original