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Uber Faces Onslaught Of Legal Challenges, Both At Home And Abroad – Updated

Uber faces numerous lawsuits and other legal challenges, both at home and abroad. How much can the company withstand before its business model starts to crumble?


Defamation By Twitter?

Image via CrunchBase There is an interesting article this week by FindLaw‘s Julie Hilden, addressing a fascinating case of “Twitter Defamation.”  The lawsuit was brought on December 28 in Florida against Kim Kardashian by Dr. Sanford Siegal on behalf of himself and the company through which he distributes his COOKE DIET® products. To spice up […]

Federal Appeals Court Holds “Gripe Sites” Immune From Liability For User Comments

Gripe sites – you know the sites I’m talking about.  These are the sites where customers or clients can write reviews of a business.  These reviews can be flattering in many cases, but oftentimes, they are not. One such site is ConsumerAffairs.com.  A federal appellate court has sided with ConsumerAffairs.com in a defamation lawsuit filed […]