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Uber And Lyft Face Uncertain Outcome In Lawsuits Brought By Drivers – Updated!

Mobile-app-driven driver services, Uber and Lyft, each face separate lawsuits seeking class action status in San Francisco federal court.  The cases have been brought against the companies by their drivers, alleging they have been misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees and are entitled to reimbursements for expenses such as gas and vehicle maintenance. Currently, the drivers […]

How Android Apps (Or Other Techy Stuff) Can Get You Fired

In an era of hand held devices capable of mesmerizing you with an “app for everything,” it is important not to forget that some apps may be NSFW (not suitable for workplace)

Could Facebook Photos Be Hazardous To Your Client’s Health Benefits?

A very interesting article from The Los Angeles Times Business/Technology online suggests that Facebook photos just might be.  According to the article, a woman in Canada had her sick-leave benefits suddenly cut off after being photographed at a Chippendale’s show.  The woman was out on sick leave for depression. When she telephoned the employer’s insurance […]

What Can You Do When An Employee Makes A Negative Remark On Facebook, Etc.

The link below shows a decent video that explains the basic rights of employers to discipline employees for making negative comments about their employers on social networking platforms like Facebook.  This is an incredibly hot topic right now in the business and legal world, so there is more to come. http://www.bnet.com/2422-13722_23-334491.html