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Uber Faces Onslaught Of Legal Challenges, Both At Home And Abroad – Updated

Uber faces numerous lawsuits and other legal challenges, both at home and abroad. How much can the company withstand before its business model starts to crumble?


Uber And Lyft Face Uncertain Outcome In Lawsuits Brought By Drivers – Updated!

Mobile-app-driven driver services, Uber and Lyft, each face separate lawsuits seeking class action status in San Francisco federal court.  The cases have been brought against the companies by their drivers, alleging they have been misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees and are entitled to reimbursements for expenses such as gas and vehicle maintenance. Currently, the drivers […]

Facebook Sued For Using Minors As Endorsers

A New York minor, through his father as guardian ad litem, has sued social giant Facebook.  The complaint alleges that Facebook has used the “names or likenesses [of minors] on a Facebook feed or in an advertisement sold by Facebook Inc. without the consent of their parent or guardian.”  The plaintiff seeks class action status. […]

Fed’l Judge Gives Thumbs Down To Google Books Settlement

U.S District Court Judge Denny Chin denied approval of a $125 million settlement in the class-action lawsuit filed against Google over its efforts to digitize all written books.  Critics and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit (primarily publishing interests) argued that Google was ignoring copyright protections and, in effect, seeking an unfair competitive advantage. Although the […]