Pope Francis Says Families Need To Put Down iPhones

On Friday, Pope Francis urged families to learn to talk to one another again.  The way to do that?  Put down the iPhones and Twitter feeds. Is the Pope on to something?  What do you think?  Are we losing the ability to communicate with each other person-to-person because we spend too much time communicating electronically? You can […]

Twitter By Numbers

Bloggers and tech gurus all across the blogosphere are writing articles about Twitter, marking its 5-year anniversary.  These articles range from singing Twitter’s praises to, well, flipping it the bird.  If you are a number cruncher, however, then check out these Twitter stats brought to you by @BrianSolis, a leading site offering advice on new […]

Who Cares About Privacy Anyway?

While we are on the subject of Internet privacy today here at Cyber, you may be interested to know that MSNBC ran a story about public concern over Internet privacy rights.  The story featured results from a study commissioned by MSNBC.  Here are some partial results: Among active social network users, 58 percent said privacy […]

Social Technologies Rally In Wake Of Japan Quake

Approximately 11 hours ago, Japan was hit with one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history, an 8.9 magnitude quake.  Hundreds are dead or missing in the wake of the disaster and its resulting tsunami and fires. At this hour, large aftershocks continue to slam the island nation.  Below is a current list of the […]

Wikipedia Celebrates 10th Anniversary, More Popular Than Ever

This year, the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, celebrates its 10th anniversary.  And, despite its critics, the service is more popular than ever, Pew Internet & American Life discovered.  Fully 53 percent of Americans turn to Wikipedia for research and information-gathering.  Comparing Wikipedia to other “general online activities,” Pew found that Wikipedia is more popular than sending […]

Facebook Surpasses Google, Pew Research Finds

Image via CrunchBase According to new research conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Facebook has surpassed Google as the most popular website. Facebook’s “ascendance highlights the degree to which the online environment has become participatory and social,” Rainie said. “Facebook has radically intensified the communication and sharing features that have always been […]

LISA: Real-time Monitoring of State Legislative Action | Library Stuff

Image via Wikipedia Do you have a need to keep track of state legislative activities?  If so, you have probably discovered that this is not the easiest research task you will ever perform. In the past, state legislative materials have been a mish-mash of records the extent of which often seemed determined by the state […]