Cyber OpEd

Is Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed A “Public Forum?”

This is precisely the question being raised by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University on behalf of two Twitter followers blocked by President Trump after they expressed critical or opposing views on the President’s personal Twitter feed, @realDonaldTrump.  In essence, these Twitter followers analogize their situation to one where a politician impermissibly blocks […]

Senate To Consider Nationwide Protections For Online Reviews

The U.S. Senate is poised to consider the Consumer Review Freedom Act, which would protect consumers from businesses that try to restrict online reviews. Statistics show that online reviews are increasing in popularity with consumers who rely on them when choosing a business.

Uber Faces Onslaught Of Legal Challenges, Both At Home And Abroad – Updated

Uber faces numerous lawsuits and other legal challenges, both at home and abroad. How much can the company withstand before its business model starts to crumble?

Exploding E-Cigarettes Can Cause Severe Injuries

What Are E-Cigarettes? First patented in 2003, e-cigarettes (or, “e-cig,” “personal vaporizer“) are battery-powered devices that simulate tobacco smoking by producing a heated vapor resembling smoke.  Since becoming commercially available in 2007, e-cigarettes have grown popular as an alternative to smoking, but are even popular with those who have never smoked traditional cigarettes or other tobacco products.  The […]

Pew Research: Growing Social Media Role In U.S. Politics

Mirroring our use of the Internet in general, American adults increasingly use social media for some type of political expression or activism. Mobile devices as civics “hotspots,” if you will, also seem to be on the rise.