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Exploding E-Cigarettes Can Cause Severe Injuries

What Are E-Cigarettes? First patented in 2003, e-cigarettes (or, “e-cig,” “personal vaporizer“) are battery-powered devices that simulate tobacco smoking by producing a heated vapor resembling smoke.  Since becoming commercially available in 2007, e-cigarettes have grown popular as an alternative to smoking, but are even popular with those who have never smoked traditional cigarettes or other tobacco products.  The […]

Uber And Lyft Face Uncertain Outcome In Lawsuits Brought By Drivers – Updated!

Mobile-app-driven driver services, Uber and Lyft, each face separate lawsuits seeking class action status in San Francisco federal court.  The cases have been brought against the companies by their drivers, alleging they have been misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees and are entitled to reimbursements for expenses such as gas and vehicle maintenance. Currently, the drivers […]

Pope Francis Says Families Need To Put Down iPhones

On Friday, Pope Francis urged families to learn to talk to one another again.  The way to do that?  Put down the iPhones and Twitter feeds. Is the Pope on to something?  What do you think?  Are we losing the ability to communicate with each other person-to-person because we spend too much time communicating electronically? You can […]

Taiwan Passes Law Restricting Children’s Use Of Electronic Gadgets

Do you think kids spend too much time fiddling with electronic gadgets? If so, you are not alone.  Taiwan has just passed a law which requires parents to restrict the amount of time their children under eighteen years old spend using such gadgets. According to the new law, children on the island nation cannot “constantly use […]

Pew Research: Growing Social Media Role In U.S. Politics

Mirroring our use of the Internet in general, American adults increasingly use social media for some type of political expression or activism. Mobile devices as civics “hotspots,” if you will, also seem to be on the rise.

Jurors Who Tweet! Beware!

Jurors who tweet during service in California may now be jailed under a new law that went into effect 1/1/2012

Seventh Circuit Awards e360 a Whopping 3 in Damages Against Spamhaus – e360 v. Spamhaus

Seventh Circuit Awards e360 a Whopping 3 in Damages Against Spamhaus – e360 v. Spamhaus. This has been an interesting case, with an equally interesting result in the damages award!


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