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Twitter By Numbers

Bloggers and tech gurus all across the blogosphere are writing articles about Twitter, marking its 5-year anniversary.  These articles range from singing Twitter’s praises to, well, flipping it the bird.  If you are a number cruncher, however, then check out these Twitter stats brought to you by @BrianSolis, a leading site offering advice on new media and technology:

  • It took Twitter only slight longer than 3 years to hit 1 billion Tweets. Now it only takes 1 week for Twitter to syndicate 1 billion Tweets
  • In February 2011, daily Tweets averaged 140 million (140 FTW) almost 3x the 50 million Tweets sent every day this time last year. On March 11th in the wake of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Tweets flew to 177 million.
  • On New Year’ Day 2011, 4 seconds after passing midnight in Japan, a new Tweets Per Second (TPS) record was set at 6,939.
  • Twitter reports that 572,000 new accounts were created on March 12, 2011. 460,000 new accounts were created each day on average in February 2011.
  • Mobile use of Twitter has grown 182% in the last year.

There’s no use denying it, Twitter is a remarkable phenomenon.  Here’s to at least 5 more anniversaries!

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One comment on “Twitter By Numbers

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