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ABA, Stephanie Kimbro Release New Book: “Virtual Law Practice”

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This past week, The American Bar Association‘s Book Briefs featured a new legal tech title, Virtual Law Practice:  How To Deliver Legal Services Online. The book is by attorney and virtual law expert, Stephanie Kimbro. The book is being released at a time when a new ABA report demonstrates that attorneys are increasingly making use of technology.

In addition to outlining the many benefits of a virtual law practice – such as decreased overhead, greater work/life balance, and ability to expand one’s client base through increased use of technology – Ms. Kimbro’s book also highlights some of the main risks that lawyers face when attempting to deliver legal services online, including:

  1. Security of the technology, including third-party control and storage of law office data
  2. Retention and return of law office data
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Competency of providing unbundled legal services
  5. Unauthorized practice of law in other jurisdictions

Ms. Kimbro’s expertise in the area of virtual lawyering is nationally recognized.  She has operated her own Web-based virtual law office in North Carolina since 2006 delivering estate planning and small-business law to clients online.  She is also the recipient of the 2009 ABA Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering.  Ms. Kimbro frequently provides assistance to other legal professionals interested in the online delivery of legal services, including speaking and writing about issues such as legal ethics and technology.

Whether you are considering the possibility of opening a virtual law practice – or, perhaps, you are interested in improving your current delivery of virtual legal services – Ms. Kimbro’s book is sure to provide a wealth of information.

You can read more about Ms. Kimbro by linking to her website’s About page.  Her new book is available via her website or the ABA link above.

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One comment on “ABA, Stephanie Kimbro Release New Book: “Virtual Law Practice”

  1. Just wanted to say I just sat in on your latest webinar on Unbundled Legal Services and found it to be very informative! I agree that businesses (all professions) are going to have to think of ways to stay competitive in this constantly evolving “virtual world”. Thank you!


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