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Who Cares About Privacy Anyway?

Internet Privacy

Image by o5com via Flickr

While we are on the subject of Internet privacy today here at Cyber, you may be interested to know that MSNBC ran a story about public concern over Internet privacy rights.  The story featured results from a study commissioned by MSNBC.  Here are some partial results:

  • Among active social network users, 58 percent said privacy was less important and only 14 percent said its importance was growing.
  • Non-social media users were almost a mirror image in reverse, with 53 percent saying privacy is more important to them, but only 20 percent saying it was less so.

Consumer behavior shows, repeatedly, that people just don’t care about privacy, no matter how much lip service they might give to the topic.

The research shows that most U.S. adults — 60 percent —claim they care about privacy but will barely lift a finger in an effort to preserve it.  This is astonishing.  You can find more of these alarming results here.

Meanwhile, the White House announced today that it will push for Privacy Bill of Rights.  According to WSJ.com, the White House’s decision to pursue the privacy bill is “to protect American’s from intrusive data gathering, amid growing concern about the tracking and targeting of Internet users.

Given the polarized results of the research mentioned earlier, is the White House barking up a dead – or at least dying – tree with this?  Read more about the importance of privacy and the social media divide from MSNBC here and here.

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