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Internet Users More Social, Civic-Minded

According to recently-released research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the stereotype of the Internet user as being socially challenged – if not downright anti-social – is becoming much less accurate.

According to the Pew research, 75% of all American adults participate in some group activity.  However, among Internet users, 80% are active in groups.  Social media users such as “Twitterers,” for example, are even more likely to be group participants at 85%.

Furthermore, as the graphic below demonstrates, Americans also appear to be recognizing, and participating in, the Internet’s role as a political organizer or “cause” promoter:

More often than not, we attorneys are going to be dealing with more tech savvy clients, including clients that tweet, follow, Facebook and share.  Do you know what an RSS feed reader is?  Chances are, your clients do, and may be using such technology to keep up with your blog, website, or ezine.  Don’t have any of these?  Maybe it’s time for some changes.


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