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Lamebook To Facebook: Don’t Judge Our ‘Book’ By Its Cover

Recently, Facebook has been aggressively going after various other online companies, asserting trademark infringement and related damages.  Most notably, Facebook has asserted rights against Teachbook and Placebook, just for having the word “book” in their name.

In an interesting twist on these ongoing events, a small website (clearly inspired by Facebook) called Lamebook has sued Facebook in Texas asserting that its trademark rights have been infringed.  Having a design that is clearly inspired by Facebook’s own design, Lamebook allows its users to upload humorous content from its larger adversary.  Lamebook asserts that it is a parody of Facebook, and its activities are protected speech under the First Amendment.

This has not made a tremendous amount of news.  Although the lawsuit was filed by Lamebook about one month ago, it is an ongoing case and is interesting legally and procedurally.  An excellent article from TechCrunch can be found here.  I will endeavor to keep you updated on any developments.

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One comment on “Lamebook To Facebook: Don’t Judge Our ‘Book’ By Its Cover

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