Are PC Prices Set For A Fall As Holiday Shopping Looms?

According to an interesting article at ZDNet, the answer may be yes.  The article quotes Dell computer executives who “indicated that component costs fell dramatically in the last quarter and that’s going to translate in lower PC prices in the months to come.”  In other words, as the prices of PC “parts” fall, consumers may expect a general decline in PCs industry-wide.

This could mean really good news for small law firms looking for hardware upgrades in the next month or so.  Scrutinize prices at your local computer supplier of choice, and don’t forget to do some comparison shopping online where you may find some even sweeter deals.

One online source that I have used, and found to have extremely good prices, is Newegg.  I also recently used Amazon.com to replace a broken laptop power cord.  Power cords have become increasingly costly to replace, and by resorting to Amazon, I saved anywhere from $15 – 50 on the cord that I would have spent had I resorted to local big-chain stores like Best Buy or even Wal Mart.

Remember, less money out the door for office equipment means a better holiday bottom line for your practice.

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2 comments on “Are PC Prices Set For A Fall As Holiday Shopping Looms?

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