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Thinking About Starting Your Own Law Practice? Check Out StartupNation.com

I am currently helping a colleague launch a virtual business.  In the course of my consulting, I came across a wonderful resource that I wanted to share with you.  The resource is called StartupNation.com, and has been around for about a month.  It is loaded with helpful information, downloads, and discounts for the soon-to-be-entrepreneur.

StartupNation.com boasts that it is a “service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.”  I have spent a couple of hours today reviewing the site and their information, and I readily agree this is an incredibly useful resource for the budding entrepreneur.  Furthermore, because StartupNation.com has built-in business networking as part of its platform, you may find yourself using it long after you hang out your shingle, whether it be virtual or traditional.

Rather than provide lengthy descriptions of the site, or even a few bullet-point highlights, you should visit StartupNation.com right away.  Once you are there, make sure to check out the “10 Steps to Open for Business” article.  I think that article is particularly well done, and even addresses the pros and cons of various business models applicable to a virtual law office.  For example, the article addresses home-based businesses, which is often how many virtual lawyers structure their businesses.

I am not affiliated with StartupNation.com in any way, and it was, literally, getting the right search results that led me to this great find.  However, I do look forward to joining StartupNation.com, and I encourage you to look into it as well.

Did I mention it is also free?  What’s to not like?

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