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Do You Like Keeping Track Of Your Reminders On Your iPhone?

If your answer to that question is yes, but you still have not been able to find a good “app for that,” then you might want to check out a recent article from MakeUseOf.comMakeUseOf is an excellent site for all the latest in tech gadgetry, software, and helpful websites.  Although I do not have any affiliation with the folks over at MakeUseOf.com, I follow their site religiously because it truly does contain a wealth of tech information.

As part of its “giveaway” series, MakeUseOf recently featured two iPhone apps.  The first app is is called “NotifyMe2.”  This app allows you to create to-do’s, reminders, and the like and then sync them.  When to-do’s come due or reminders are triggered, users receive a notification on their iPhone.  For those of you interested in the user interface, here is a screen shot of what the NotifyMe2 app looks like:

The second app recommended by MakeUseOf.com is a bill paying app called “Bills.”  Bills allows users to schedule and track bill payment on their iPhone.  Bills can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually. When a payment is due, users receive a push notification/reminder, or they can schedule a pre-reminder for notifications prior to the actual payment due date.

These features are hardly innovative or original.  What is impressive, however, is that Bills does all of this in a truly elegant user interface, as seen below:

For attorneys who use iPhones, these apps are worth checking out.  Nothing makes life easier than a good reminder program, right?  And, who doesn’t need help from time to time remembering when bills come due.  I have not personally tried either of these apps, but I can say without hesitation that MakeUseOf.com’s recommendations on other products or services have always been right on.

If you have tried, or currently use, either of these apps in your practice, what do you think of them?  Your feedback here is very helpful, so let us know.

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