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LinkedIn Adds New Features; Greater Functionality

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If you have a LinkedIn profile; but, perhaps, you have not been utilizing it all that much to market your law practice, I would urge you to give the business networking giant a second look.  LinkedIn has recently made a couple of important modifications/additions to its features that every lawyer – virtual or otherwise – should know about.

First, in partnership with JD Supra, LinkedIn now offers a feature called “Legal Updates.”  With Legal Updates, LinkedIn users can do any of the following:

  • Upload documents directly within LinkedIn
  • Promote your work in LinkedIn network updates
  • Be found in LinkedIn’s first and only repository of legal information
  • Everyone using Legal Updates receives a feed of legal info matched to industry or profession

Second, LinkedIn has made an important change to its internal messaging system.  It has separated user invitations to join each other’s networks – one of LinkedIn’s most important marketing features – from other messages a user might receive in their LinkedIn inbox.  One past critique I have had for LinkedIn is that certain aspects of its site have not always been that functional, including its internal messaging system.  With this new change, I think LinkedIn has taken a giant leap toward improving its service.  And, I say that solely as a private user of its service; I am not connected in any way to LinkedIn.

If you haven’t made much use of your LinkedIn profile lately, take a new look at the service and see if it holds some greater marketing potential for your law practice.

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One comment on “LinkedIn Adds New Features; Greater Functionality

  1. If you are joining different groups related to your niche and business practice, the new format for groups is also much more user friendly.


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