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Thinking About A New Website? Think “Keywords”

If you are thinking about creating a new website, or even changing an existing one, one of the most important first steps to consider are “keywords.”  “Keywords” are the words that Internet search engines look for when searching websites.  Certain “keywords” have a higher ranking depending upon such factors as popularity, relevance, and sometimes even placement on a website.

Understanding “keywords” is one key step toward understanding SEO, or “search engine optimization.”  Successful websites make use of SEO for maximum exposure on the Internet.

The interesting thing about “keywords” is that you know more about them than you think you do.  As an attorney, you are trained in the use of either Westlaw or Lexis, often both.  If you are trained in Westlaw, for example, you are intimately familiar with the dreaded “Terms and Connectors” search method.  As you know, “Terms and Connectors” is a Boolean search method utilizing, in part, keywords that appear in legal documents.

Similarly, when you conduct a search on the Internet, you are using a “keyword” search methodology.  Even though different search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Cuil, Ask, etc.) return different search results based on their approach to Internet searching in general, they all rely – to one degree or another – on keywords.  If anyone knows of a search engine that does not, please let me know.

So, using Google as an example, here is a familiar pic:

This pic illustrates the Google search box where you input “keywords” to conduct your search.  When you get your results, you may also have noticed something that looks like this:

This pic illustrates a search tool offered by Google (but others have something like it as well) which shows you other, related searches that people are conducting all over the Internet.  The significance of this one search tool is that it educates you about what “keywords” are most popular among users.  You should then build these “keywords” into your domain name and into the text of your web pages.  A bit later, however, I will try to cover the no-no of over-using “keywords” which can get your site booted into hyper-no man’s land if you are not careful.  If you are working with a web designer, ask them about this, and you should get a pretty easy-to-understand explanation.  If not, contact me.

Obviously, this is not all there is to know about the concept of “keywords,” but it is a start that I hope you find useful.  The idea for this blog article came from an excellent article I received.  I encourage you to read more about it using that article as a guide.

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One comment on “Thinking About A New Website? Think “Keywords”

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