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Judge Issues Stern Warning To ‘Blago’ – No ‘Tweeting’

This week, opening arguments began in the corruption trial of former Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich.  As the trial got underway, the judge issued a stern warning to Blagojevich, banning the former Governor from using Twitter during the trial.  What is odd about the warning is that there was no evidence that Blagojevich was “tweeting” or intended to “tweet” during the trial.  Nevertheless, perhaps the judge was concerned that the high profile nature of the trial might entice a bit of “tweeting” on Blago’s part.  Or, the judge was simply concerned about all the “tweeting” that is going on these days in trials, most notably by jurors.

You can read more about the judge’s warning as well as link to a Chicago Tribune article about the story here.

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One comment on “Judge Issues Stern Warning To ‘Blago’ – No ‘Tweeting’

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