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Google Dumps Windows OS; Is Microsoft In Trouble?

Across the blogosphere this morning, tech blogs are abuzz with the news that Google has decided to dump the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) for its internal computing. New employees are reportedly being given the choice of either a Mac or Linux-based OS. The official word from Google is that it is dumping Windows because of security concerns in the wake of the China hacking incident. A good article detailing this latest move by Google can be found by linking to ZDNet here.

In and of itself, Google’s decision to dump Windows for its internal computing needs probably is not that big of a deal. However, in the long run, does Google’s decision – coupled with certain other factors – spell trouble on the horizon for Microsoft. Consider these additional facts – in the months to come, Google intends to become a direct competitor with Microsoft in the OS game by offering the Chrome Operating System. Moreover, in April, Microsoft decided to scrap its iPad platform, the Courier Tablet, which in my humble opinion, appeared to be a potentially incredible product. Now, Microsoft is completely absent from the iPad game. Meanwhile, reports just this morning indicate that Apple has sold 2 million iPads in just 2 months.

You can read an excellent article about Microsoft’s decision to scrap the Courier Tablet, also from ZDNet, by following this link. Here is a link to the article this morning reporting on Apple’s sales of the iPad.

The iPad potentially has far-reaching ramifications for many industries, including the practice of law as well as law school education. Microsoft really cannot afford to be in absentia, can it? Moreover, if Google gives Microsoft some serious OS competition, then Microsoft may be staring trouble right in the eye. What do you think? How do you think these factors, and perhaps others, will affect the way lawyers use computers or other technology? Does your firm have any plans to dump the Windows OS, or have you done so already in favor of another OS? Please share your comments on these or any other points you would like to make.

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One comment on “Google Dumps Windows OS; Is Microsoft In Trouble?

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