Convert PDFs to JPEGs and More With Zamzar

Because I do a lot of blogging, I am always needing to work with images.  Most of the time, this does not present a problem, as I am usually able to find what I am looking for in a standard JPEG format.  As many of you probably know, JPEG is a widely-used image format, so it is easy to incorporate it into most applications like WordPress here or Microsoft Word.

Occasionally, however, I will have an image sent to me in a PDF format.  For example, in the immediately preceding post, a colleague of mine sent me the image you see, but in a PDF format.  Personal note – I despite PDFs, frankly, and often find myself wishing they had not taken root in the legal community to the extent that they have.  Why?  As I have written in the past, Adobe is a resource-hungry, often insecure application that relies on what I consider to be outmoded proprietary-based business models for its software.  Moreover, PDFs are hard to modify and work with once created and secured; indeed, that is precisely why they took hold in legal circles to begin with – lawyers wanted the security of knowing that once converted to PDF format, a document could not be altered.

If you have documents that are really images that have been converted into PDFs, and want to convert them to a more user-friendly image format like JPEG, so that they can be modified or distributed in some fashion unfriendly to PDFs, it is not necessary to purchase expensive software applications.  Just today, for example, I discovered a website with a free PDF to JPEG converter.  The site is called Zamzar, which you can link to here.  Like many other online conversion sites, you simply upload your PDF, request conversion, and the site sends you an email letting you know when the conversion is complete.  The image in the previous post took only about 5-10 seconds to convert, incidentally.

Below is a screen shot of the Zamzar site, showing basically how the upload and conversion works:

Zamzar also offers upgraded packages, although at the time of writing, I have not investigated those in any detail.  I have no particular connection with Zamzar, and discovered the converter doing a quick Google search.  Love that Google!

I appreciate the contacts I received in response to some of the recent gadget posts.  If you know of other sites similar to Zamzar that you think are worth mentioning, please let me know something substantive in your comments so that I can investigate your reference and contact you if necessary.

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6 comments on “Convert PDFs to JPEGs and More With Zamzar

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