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Google Acquires Yahoo’s Instant Messaging Provider

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Google announced on Tuesday that it will acquire Global IP Solutions Holding for $68.2 million.  Global makes processing software for voice and video over IP.  Most significant, however, Global is the company behind Yahoo‘s instant messaging systems.  Yes, that’s right, Google will own the voice and video conferencing engine behind its competitors’ instant messaging system.

With the acquisition of Global, as well as Google’s acquisition of Gizmo5 and the existing Google Voice system, Google appears poised to be a major player in the VoIP and video conferencing arena.  If I were in Yahoo or Skype‘s shoes right now, I would be afraid, very, very afraid.

You can link to an article from ZDNet here, which discusses Google latest move along with a statement from the company.

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One comment on “Google Acquires Yahoo’s Instant Messaging Provider

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