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‘Facebook: Respect My Privacy’ Group Forms On…Yep, You Guessed It, Facebook!

Rather than do an update to my earlier article today on Facebook‘s “instant personalization” service, I thought this deserved a full post unto itself.  There is a privacy group that has formed – on Facebook – in response to the Facebook’s latest “step in the middle of it” goof/gaff over privacy.  The group is called “Facebook:  Respect My Privacy” and you can link to it here.

Personally, I found it kind of ironic that a privacy group seeking members from the Facebook-using public would form on the very platform it criticizes.  But, that’s what a free and open Internet is all about, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Update:  Huffington Post Releases List Of 9 Facebook Alternatives

If joining an arguably pro-privacy, anti-Facebook, Facebook group seems ineffective, if not just a wee bit odd, then perhaps a “new attitude” entirely.  If that is you, then you might want to jump over to this article from Huffington Post listing 9 Facebook alternatives.  At the time of writing this update, I have not had a chance to look over these 9 contenders and cannot vouch for any of them.  As always, however, I welcome your comments on any of them, and my thanks to the BlogBloke for making me aware of this list via his Amplog at Amplify.com which you can also link to here.

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One comment on “‘Facebook: Respect My Privacy’ Group Forms On…Yep, You Guessed It, Facebook!

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