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Backup Your Online Profiles And Data – For Free!

Whether you practice in a traditional or virtual law firm setting, by now, you have surely developed a number of important online accounts containing your professional profile as well as various types of data associated with that profile.  Have you ever considered how much time it might take to reconstruct those profiles and associated data if they were suddenly deleted by accident?  Or, one of the accounts was hacked?

Diane Rayfield of harpsocial.com, a social media and marketing firm, brought an exciting free service to my attention this afternoon that goes a long way toward solving this problem.  The service allows users to back up many of their online accounts for free up to 1000 mb of data.  The service is offered by Backupify.com.  Backupify stores its user’s information in partnership with Amazon.com‘s cloud server system.  In its FAQ section, Backupify’s makers explain that they chose Amazon.com due to its superior security and reliability.

After reading Diane’s clips about the service which she posted on Amplify.com, I thought I would give Backupify a try myself.  I logged onto the site and, in a few minutes, I had backed up a large portion of my online profiles –  free of charge.

The biggest drawback to Backupify is that it does not back up all of the online accounts where I or many of you may have profiles or data.  It is restricted to major sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube.  Nevertheless, considering that it is a free service with good security credentials behind it, Backupify is definitely worth a look.

A second drawback is that Backupify only backs up your online profiles and associated data.  Except for documents stored on Google Docs, it is not intended to be your firm’s backup of the files, documents, photos, videos, and other information stored on your office computer. Many companies offer this type of back up service, but not all are free.

Below are some free services that you might find useful for backing up your office files, etc.  Please note that I have not personally used any of these services, so I cannot vouch for their reliability or security.  However, these services tend to come highly recommended in trade blogs and journals.

Windows Live Skydrive – 25 gb free space for online storage;

Idrive – 2 + gb free space for online storage.  This service also offers a desktop client so you can view your stored data without the Internet;

Adrive – 50 gb free space for online storage;

Mozy – 2 + gb free space for online storage;

Humyo – 10 gb free space for online storage, allocated 5 gb to documents and 5 gb to media files;

Synplicity – 2 gb free space for online storage, and this service also offers a free desktop client.

Whatever you do, do not go without some form of back up for both your office data and your online data.  In today’s law practice, both types of data are crucial to your firm’s success, and a failure to back up such data may subject your firm to malpractice (at worst) or lost productivity as you reconstruct the lost data (at best).

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One comment on “Backup Your Online Profiles And Data – For Free!

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