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From My Daily Ampli-gistics: Wikipedia To Offer Video Feature?

If you could have the opportunity to produce video content for your clients about a topic that is important to your practice area, you would be capitalizing on video marketing in a way that small business owners are usually unable to due to economic constraints.

Wikipedia is the 7th largest website in the world, and video is fastly becoming an important part of social networking and marketing. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, for example. A marriage of user-generated video features on Wikipedia with the general trend toward incorporating video and multi-media into marketing and educational efforts could make this one of the most significant developments in high tech. Lawyers, keep your eyes on this.

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Wikipedia To Add Excellent Marketing Oppor For Small Biz: User Generated Vid

This article is from February 5th, and indicates that Wikipedia was going to announce the release of this new video feature at the end of the week. Does anyone know what came of this? All eyes turned to the Google debacle, including my own and I missed this entirely. This is the first I have noticed anyone mentioning anything about this development.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I am very excited by this prospect. Having worked in a large law firm, then solo practice or small firm settings, I can tell you that small business owners simply cannot match the large operations dollar for dollar in buying video or audio air time. If Wikipedia does go in this direction, I think it will mark a fantastic opportunity for small business owners to essentially have a way to buy into the video advertising market by producing videos that demonstrate their expertise in a particular topic.
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