Man Claims Allergy To Electronics; Sues Neighbor Over WiFi

This just in from The Huffington Post, and it may be hard to believe.  Santa Fe resident, Arthur Firstenberg, claims to suffer from an “allergy” known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity, or EMS.  Firstenberg further claims that his neighbor, Raphaela Monribot’s cell phone, wireless network, computer, compact fluorescent lightbulbs and even dimmer switches are causing him such physical and emotional distress that he is forced to sleep in his car or at friends’ houses to avoid the electro-magnetic waves Monribot is producing.

Firstenberg’s solution?  Why sue the Hell out of her, of course.  For how much?  $530,000.

Not to sound like a jaded lawyer who has heard just about every ridiculous story you can imagine, but methinks there is more to this case than EMS.  According to The Huffington Post article, which you can link here, Firstenberg hired Monribot to be his cook in his home.  Interesting….

Initially, Monribot made concessions by turning off her phone and computer, which of course led this wingnut to believe he could control Monribot for eternity thereafter.  To his surprise, when she moved into her own place next door – a home he told her was available – she refused to continue with the concessions.  She “flatly refused without explanation,” Firstenberg claims.

Really???  Why the nerve of this heartless woman thinking that she could use her own personal belongings in her own home!

Folks, for 12 + years, I have worked for the rights of the disabled, but this is one time I have to say that it is my opinion that the assigned judge should throw out this ridiculous nonsense and sanction both Firstenberg and his attorney for clogging the court’s docket with it. Even if EMS is a legit condition, that does not give someone like Firstenberg the right to control lawful activities of another occurring in their own home, and which are generally accepted as, to put it mildly, commonplace.

One final note – this is not the first time Firstenberg has taken legal action over allegations of EMS.  He is well-known enough to have a Wikipedia page, which you can link to here.  In May 2008, he and other groups accused the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico of discrimination against those allergic to electromagnetic radiation for having free wireless networks in city buildings.

At the time of writing this, I am seeking a PDF copy of the Firstenberg complaint.  As soon as I have it, I will upload it to the Box.  If any reader has already located a copy of it, I would appreciate receiving it.

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2 comments on “Man Claims Allergy To Electronics; Sues Neighbor Over WiFi

  1. Joke if you want, but this is a real condition. It’s backed up by studies done in several countries overseas. I first heard about this several years ago, and how some people are actually very sick from these microwaves emitting from wifis, cell phones, cell towers, etc. It’s guaranteed disability in some countries. But in the U.S. we have less standards to protect ourselves from these waves than other countries, and no science about it what so ever it seems. But we are the number one user of such electronics world wide. Doesn’t anyone remember years ago, when it was on every news channel about keep your cell phone away from your head for long times? How they cause tumors? Some would say this is the main reason headsets became widely used then Bluetooth.. Maybe you don’t remember, because your brains got fryed from them. If your on a cell phone hours a day, maybe you deserve brain cancer. But what about the rest of us, that are sensitive to such things, we can’t even have them in our house. Some people can’t even drive near a cell tower without hearing high pitched ringing, and getting head aches. Sure tell your dr this, and he’ll tell you it’s stress or something. Yea stress from having electronics ringing in my ears, and frying my brain. Think it’s crazy? How many people use a microwave in their homes? That technology was first started with a frequency of 2.4 ghz, cause it was the best wave to boil water and melt fat. Look up what frequencys many household electronics use. Not to long ago everyones phone was 2.4 ghz, remote controls. Imagine what this long term use of some of these products could do to your children, especially since some kids get cell phones at around 5 these days.Call us crazy if you like, but I’m not the one addicted to my cell phone, and have a zombie kid.


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