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JD Supra – Excellent Resource For Marketing And Sharing

I have written about JDSupra before as part of my “Find It Friday” column.  For those of you unfamiliar with JDSupra, it is not only an excellent resource for marketing yourself and your firm, but you can also share documents (e.g., sample pleadings, motions, etc.) with other attorneys online.  Thus, JDSupra can also prove an invaluable research tool.  You can link to JDSupra’s homepage here.

Being on JDSupra’s e-mail list, I have occasion to receive updates from the company.  I received an interesting email today highlighting some recent contributions of documents from members, which I thought was worthy of a quick mention.  For those of you that have any interest, you can log onto JDSupra and download the criminal complaint against Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the unsuccessful “underwear bomber.” I put a Word Doc copy of it in the Box as well.

Okay, okay, so perhaps the criminal complaint against Abdulmutallab this is a bit esoteric for most practices, but it illustrates the broad scope of materials that attorneys are uploading to JDSupra.  Myself, I have uploaded a number of federal court motions that I have prepared, as well as appellate briefs.  So, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with JDSupra yet, check it out.

Disclaimer: I have a free attorney membership with JDSupra.  Aside from this free membership, I have no association or interest (financial or otherwise) in the company or any of its affiliates or representatives.  I was not given anything of value to write this post, nor do I expect to receive anything of value as a result of writing this post.  I am merely stating my opinion as a blogger and free attorney member of an online service that I happen to think is valuable to the legal community.

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