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Supreme Court Rules On Televising Prop. 8 Gay Marriage Trial

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After hearing arguments from proponents of California‘s anti-gay marriage initiative — known as Proposition 8 — arguments from the measure’s opponents, as well as the media, the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in on whether the trial can be video-taped for delayed release on YouTube.

The Supreme Court ruled – the Prop. 8 trial must go forward without cameras in the courtroom.  Without explaining their reasoning, the Court simply said that Judge Walker’s order allowing videotaping for delayed released on the Internet would compromise the fairness of the trial.

You can link to an article disicussing the decision of the Court here.

Justice Breyer dissented, stating that in his view the standard for an emergency stay of Judge Walker’s had not been met by Prop. 8 proponents.

If you are interested in following links to the filings by the various advocates for and against the televising of the trial, as well as links to lower court opinions, I suggest you visit The SCOTUS Blog here.

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