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Most CIOs Refuse To Permit Employees To Use Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter grow in popularity each day, leading some to predict that the social networking platforms will take over the business world.  However, according to an interesting article from Jon Brodkin published at SFGate.com, which you can link to here, more than half of the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for U.S. companies do not permit their employees to use Facebook or Twitter for any reason while at work.

The article cites a Robert Half Technology survey of 1,400 CIOs from U.S. companies with at least 100 employees.  Fifty-four percent completely prohibit use of social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, while at work. Nineteen percent allow social networking sites for business purposes only, while another 16% allow “limited personal use.” Only 10% permit use of social networking sites “for any type of personal use.”

In another survey taken in the U.K., New Media Age, a United Kingdom publication, analyzed the top 500 U.K. brands and found that 74% have no presence at all on Twitter, and just 10% use the site daily.

Private enterprise alternatives to Twitter, such as Yammer, also seem slow in catching on with business executives.

From a lawyer’s perspective, however, social networking sites can offer valuable quality of life alternatives.  This perspective was pointed out in an excellent article from The Lawyerist, which you can link to here.  Many lawyers work long hours, and have little to no social life.  Social networking platforms can provide lawyers with a means of socializing that can lead to more well-adjusted workers.

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