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Analyze Your Twitter Traffic – For Free!

Recently, I posted two articles on how to set up a Twitter account and use it as a marketing or networking tool for your law practices – “To Tweet Or Not To Tweet:  The Pros And Cons Of Twittering Lawyers” and “Now That You’re Twittering…”  I hope that many of you have successfully established Twitter accounts and have become more comfortable with using the platform as part of your regular routine.

If you have established a Twitter account, then by now, you may have gathered a number of followers.  If you are using Twitter as a marketing tool, you may find yourself wondering how to track the basic demographics of your followers.  A marketing tool is not very useful or informative if it does not inform a business owner about where his or her clients or customers originate.  The more numerous one’s followers are, the more daunting a task this can become.

Fortunately, Twitter users can keep track of basic demographics about their followers by setting up an account with Ad.ly and using their analytics service.  Setting up the service takes only a few seconds, and is free.  Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to Ad.ly.com and set up an account;
  2. Go to Analytics.ad.ly.com and log into the service using your Twitter account; and
  3. Receive basic demographic data about your followers

Using the free service, you will receive a breakdown of the gender of your followers, when they are active on Twitter, and basic geographic information about where they are located as shown on these maps from my analytics:

Not enough detail?  For those wishing to obtain a more detailed, customized report, one is available for a nominal charge.  I am new to the Ad.ly service myself, and have not yet obtained the customized report.  If any readers have obtained more detailed analytics than are provided in the free service, I would greatly appreciate your comments here.

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