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How To Remain “Green” When You Outsource Printing Needs

In my opinion, “going virtual” means becoming a much “greener,” eco-conscious law firm.  And, it really is no big secret that we lawyers kill lots of trees with the work we do.

Yet, even the most virtual lawyer is going to need to print on paper sooner or later.  It may be because a valued client simply must have key documents printed on paper.  It might be due to the local court’s filing requirements.  We can think of any number of situations that might snap us out of our virtual existence and thrust us back into the old-fashioned world of high-speed laser printing.

When this occurs, it is one thing to establish procedures for being as “green” as possible, including familiar procedures like using recycled paper.  Such a familiar procedure might even be required by court rule, so it behooves one to do a little research.

An entirely different problem arises when an office – virtual or traditional – outsources their printing needs to the corner copy shop or a chain like Fed Ex Kinko’s.  Do you simply shrug your shoulders and say, oh well, it is out of my control?  Maybe.

But, before you cede your defensible “green” terrain, you might want to check out the video I have included here courtesy of ZDNet and Uprinting.com.  It is short, but offers some thoughts on what to look for in “green” printing services.

You can access the video by following this link.

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