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Can You Say Facebook And Privacy In The Same Sentence And Keep A Straight Face?

Despite the pejorative ring to this article’s title, I think Facebook is a fantastic application.  Maybe I am more realistic than others inasmuch as my philosophy about Internet activity, particularly social networking, is that you should not be online if you are worried about invasions of privacy.  To me, the benefits of being able to communicate with friends, contacts, and potential clients on an application like Facebook more than offset my privacy concerns.

That being said, Facebook has been known to get into hot water over privacy issues, particularly around issues like third-party access to user information.  In response to these concerns, which have been particularly acute in Canada and EU nations where privacy laws of much stricter than in the U.S., Facebook has unveiled a new privacy system.  Perhaps, some of you have already received a screen notification like the one below.  If you haven’t, as the good folks at ZDNet succinctly put it, you will.

The problem for Facebook is that this new move is apparently alienating many users.  There is an interesting article from Thenextweb.com discussing this development which you can access here.  If any of you have any particularly strong opinions about Facebook’s new privacy system, or its general problems in the area of user privacy, I urge you to comment here.  No doubt, this is going to continue to be an issue for the social networking giant.

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