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Now That You’re Twittering – Try Tweetlaw; Tweet Your Business Card

On November 27, 2009, I posted an article here entitled “To Tweet Or Not To Tweet.”  Judging from the number of page views I have received, the topic of Twitter is one of interest to you.  Because of this interest, I have decided to provide more specific information about Twitter.

My previous article was written with the “non-twittering” lawyer in mind, designed for someone who had never even set up a Twitter profile.  These follow-up articles are written for someone who has already set up a Twitter profile, and has a basic understanding of how to “tweet.”  My goal is to gradually introduce the “Twitter Newbie” to some Twitter-based services or features that are particular useful to attorneys.

For this article, let’s start with 5 such services or features that will take you to the next level of “twittering:”

Tweetlaw – So, now you have your Twitter profile, and you have figured out how to send out a “tweet.”  Unfortunately, you are discouraged because there are so many people “twittering,” and you would really like to focus more on networking or interacting with other legal professionals.  Enter Tweetlaw.

Tweetlaw allows users to “connect and tweet with legal professionals” for free by linking to your existing Twitter account.  Give it a try.  Connect here to Tweetlaw.

Tweet Your Business Card – twtBizCard is a service that allows you to create a Twitter business card and send it in your “tweets” by inserting special text into the body of the tweet – #twtbizcard.  The service has a very user-friendly site with instructions on how to set up your Twitter business card.  The service is free, so there is certainly no harm in trying it out.

Tweet My Job – Tweetmyjob.com boasts as being the “world’s largest Twitter job board.”  So, if you are out there looking for work, you might want to consider this non-traditional way to land that next job.

Twitter Job Search – Similar to Tweetmyjob.com is Twitterjobsearch.com.  However, Twitterjobsearch is a search engine, so it works a little differently than Tweetmyjob does.  For Firefox users, Twitterjobsearch can be downloaded as an add-on search engine, and you can use it to search for work right from the Firefox browser.

Follow Congress – Perhaps, your work as a legal professional encompasses policy issues, legislative advocacy, lobbying, or political activities of some kind.  If so, you may benefit from Twitter services that track members of Congress.  One such service is Congressional140.  You can investigate this service as well as others at Twitter Fan Wiki, a free and open public wiki.

I hope you find these resources useful.  More will be posted in a future article, so stay tuned.

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