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Smokers Beware: Apple Voids Warranties On Devices Exposed To Smoke

This week, ZDNet reported on some interesting developments at Apple.  Apparently, the tech giant is refusing to honor warranties under its AppleCare Protection Plan if the device at issue has been exposed to smoke.

Apple is taking this position, at least in part, because it claims that nicotine is on the OSHA list of toxic and hazardous substances, and the company will not force an employee to work on anything deemed hazardous to their health because of liability concerns.  Hmmmm….

In fact, OSHA does keep a list of toxic and hazardous substances, called the Chemical Sampling Information file, and if one runs a search of the file on the OSHA website, sure enough, nicotine shows up.  However, it is possible that Apple is the one blowing smoke here.

According to ZDNet, the company mentions nothing about voiding warranties under these circumstances in its terms and conditions.  So, while I agree with Apple in principle, it remains to be seen whether the basis for the company’s position goes up in a puff of smoke.

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