Holiday Gifts For Techy Lawyer Types: How About A New Bluetooth Headset?

This Friday, referred to since 1966 as ‘Black Friday’ (see, interesting Wikipedia article here), traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.  In light of this annual event, and the fact that techy lawyer types generally love electronic gadgetry, I am going to devote several posts between now and Christmas to shopping suggestions for those of you needing to buy techy gifts for tech-savvy lawyers.

As always, this information will be passed along to you only from sources which are generally regarded as authoritative and reliable in their particular industry, so you can feel comfortable you are getting good, solid tips.  And, if I received any kind of financial incentive, freebie, or similar inducement for making any of these suggestions, I will disclose that to you.  Otherwise, you can safely assume that I did not receive any such incentives, and anticipate none in the future, as a result of making any recommendations to you.

To start things off, I found an interesting article today posted in today’s ZDNet’s “Toy Box” blog discussing bluetooth headsets.  You can link to the article here.  As the writers correctly point out, many buyers do not want to buy an iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphone for someone because these devices typically come with a term contract for some period of time.  If you feel reluctant about buying a smartphone, but need to buy a gift for a techy lawyer that is constantly talking on his or her headset, then, as the writers at “Toy Box” state,  a new bluetooth headset might be a good gift-buying idea.

ZDNet recommends Aliph Jawbone Prime Headset, and from the looks of the device, I can see why.  The headset is unusually stylish in appearance and “sets the standard for noise-cancellation and sound quality on a Bluetooth headset.”

Below is a picture of the Jawbone headset:

The Jawbone comes in black, brown, silver, green, red, yellow, and purple, so presumably there is a style for just about anyone.  Having not used the device myself, however, I can’t vouch for its comfort (myself, I find a lot of these devices quite uncomfortable to wear).

The Jawbone retails for $99.00-129.00.

If that’s a little steep for this year’s holiday budget, then you might want to check out this price comparison chart of other bluetooth headsets.


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