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When Conducting Online Research, Find It In An Online Law Library

When it comes to finding legal information online, an excellent (though, sometimes forgotten) resource are the online libraries maintained by law schools or universities.  For this week’s installment of “Find It Friday,” I offer you three online law libraries that you can use to complete your next research project:

FireShot capture #035 - 'LII I LII _ Legal Information Institute' - www_law_cornell_eduCornell University Law School: The Cornell University Law School’s online law library offer U.S. Supreme Court rulings since 1990 and 600 important cases decided by the Court prior to 1990.  The site also provides links to lower federal court opinions, the Code of Federal Regulations, some state law resources, and other legal information organized by popular topic (e.g., family law, labor & employment law, and Constitutional law).



FireShot capture #036 - 'WashLaw Web – Washburn University School of Law' - www_washlaw_eduWashburn Law School: Washburn Law School offers one of the most comprehensive online legal directories that may yet be unknown to you.  Their site includes links to federal and state cases as well as links to numerous other excellent law-related sites.  In addition, the site includes links that direct the user to administrative agencies for each state.



University Law Review Project: If it is law reviews or journals you are seeking, then the University Law Review Project (ULRP) is the place for you.  Strictly speaking, ULRP is not affiliated with a single university.  Instead, ULRP is a coalition of legal educators that provides links to hundreds of law reviews, legal periodicals, newsletters, and the like. The site is especially appealing because one may conduct searches by key words, topics, as well as specific journal names.

FireShot capture #034 - 'University Law Review Project' - www_lawreview_org

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One comment on “When Conducting Online Research, Find It In An Online Law Library

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