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More Job Search Advice – In The Electronic Age, Beware Of “Resume Fraud”

Another interesting article from today’s ABA Journal/Law News Now on the subject of “resume fraud” by attorney job applicants. You can read the story here:  http://www.abajournal.com/news/electronic_trail_reveals_lawyer_resume_lies_costing_job_opportunities.

In the days of the “paper trail,” “truth stretching” on one’s resume was sometimes even encouraged by resume writers as a form of personal “puffery.”  In the “digital age,” however, such “truth stretching” is easier for the employer to verify, and can cost one a potential job opportunity.  So, if you are looking for a law job, beware.  PinocchioLiarLiarPhoto

In addition, depending on the tech sophistication of the client market you are targeting for a virtual law office, this same caution should be exercised.  With ever-increasing skill, clients are able to learn more about you as an attorney by using Internet resources.  A virtual lawyer should consider their online persona to be their “electronic resume,” and remember that even in a virtual world, the attorney-client relationship is based on very traditional concepts like “duty of honesty” and “duty of fidelity.” 


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